CHANEL™,  the near future
Brands of the future, may get rid of the lockup treatment of their logos [ Icon + The brand name ], in favor of having a stand alone brand icon, and one logotype [ a stylized version of the company name]. 
Simplified icons and logotypes, would be visible from the largest distance, in a potential densely crowded visual landscape of the future.
CHANEL™,  500 years from now
The simplified CHANEL logotype functions well, in a potential highly robotic, and computer-centric, future.
CHANEL™,  5000 years from now
In a hyper-minimal far future, where advertising graphics take a back seat, the CHANEL icon works as the primary brand identifier.
SONY™,  the near future
The near-perfect SONY™ logo requires no modifications, to fit in seamlessly with highly variant, potential visual products and landscapes, of the future.  
SONY™,  5000 years from now
BUGATTI™,  in the near future 
BUGATTI™,  1000 years from now
more FutureBrands™ will be published, in  JAN 2024...

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