B R A N D   I D E N T I T Y   E X P L O R A T I O N S 
Our target audience were Cryptocurrency Developers [<7,500 contributors on Github]. This small group was highly passionate, vocal, and tended to dedicate their time to a few projects they believe in. We sought to create a brand identity that would resonate with the audience's values, and convince them to spend their time developing with us.
B R A N D   I D E N T I T Y
The final identity lay at the crossroads of minimal and technical, mimicking the minimal visuals of great developer documentation, while paying tribute to the core cryptography in the underlying technology. The Coda Square Icon was generated using visualizations of the mathematics used in the code.
P R O D U C T  D E S I G N
The Product team focused largely on the Coda protocol website and testnet, which are the primary ways the users discovered and interacted with the protocol, network, and community. Product Design projects and documentation were managed through Notion. 

C O D A   W A L L E T
The Coda wallet is a OS X, Windows, and Linux application for sending, receiving, and storing Coda tokens. Additionally, the software was designed to allow non-technical users to stake, delegate, run staking pools, and view their rewards without the use of the command line.
Over the course of six weeks, I hosted product lunches with the entire company to cover some basic topics of UI/UX, and split the team into groups to sketch, whiteboard, and discuss the audience, platform, functionality, and flows of the wallet. Next, the Product team broke off separately to develop user stories and prototyping. Prototypes were presented to the company as a whole, for critiques and revision.
Building upon IDEO's process, I believe that a product can benefit greatly from having a large number of contributors with disparate backgrounds and skillsets during the brainstorming and prototyping phases.
Wallet onboarding information architecture and UI layout designed with Chris Pryor.
M A R K E T I N G   D E S I G N
D E S I G N   P R O C E S S
The Design team created a bespoke design process, using Notion for project management. I wrote Figma Process Documentation in order to foster modular, extendable, reusable, and understandable files for the current and future team and community. We also managed our Design Library and Brand Documentation through Figma.

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