B R A N D   I D E N T I T Y   E X P L O R A T I O N S 
A number of brand identity solutions were explored before arriving on an overhaul to the original brand identity using a square currency symbol as the company logo.
B R A N D   I D E N T I T Y
The final identity lay at the crossroads of minimal and technical. Illustrations of the underlying cryptography serve as the primary visual DNA.
P R O D U C T   D E S I G N
The Product team and Product Design focused largely on the Coda protocol website and testnet, which are currently the primary user touchpints .

M A R K E T I N G   D E S I G N
D E S I G N   P R O C E S S
Designed a bespoke design process, using Notion for project management. Created Figma Process Documentation in order to foster modular, extendable, reusable, and understandable files for the current and future team and community.

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