In a world of increasing visual clutter, thoughtful & clear design solutions stand out from the noise. Continuing the work of modernist masters, I strive to achieve longevity in design by application of the mantra "less, but better". 
I believe in design by subtraction: more whitespace, fewer colors, and fewer typefaces. I treat each project with a holistic approach; the same level of quality and craftsmanship is applied to every touchpoint.
I think that all design is experience design. Regardless of the medium, the end goal is the well being of the user.

H I G H L I G H T S 

I've worked with a myriad of companies, from early stage to large corporations, in a spectrum of founding and senior Design roles.
* Helped Zillow build new world-class Brands, Product, and User Experiences.
* Executed the rebrand of Developer Auction to on all mediums in 12 weeks as Founding Lead Designer.
* Launched design consultancy notorii with Sai Perchard in 2014.
* Automated a complex traditional offline investment process for FS Investments.
* Worked on the branding for $82B project King Abdullah Economic City.
* Redesigned the checkout flow for American Apparel.
* Spent 15 months working with the Design team at Flipboard and Publishers around the globe to execute their brands and translate the quality of the print experience to the award winning iOS & Android App.
* Rebranded Kidcasa as Brightwheel, which subsequently secured $10M in venture capital, and additional funding from Chris Sacca on Sharktank.
P R O J E C T S   I N C L U D E
C O N T A C T